Voice of Culture Drum and Dance is CHANGING!

Announcement and Welcome to the MN Black Dance and Drum Community


Greetings those of African descent, from all across the diaspora. I am reaching out to my fellow drummers and dancers to invite and welcome you to a weekly practice in our craft.

I humbly request that you attend VoC practice a minimum of 6 Saturdays throughout each calendar year.

I offer what I have learned and demonstrated over the past 25+ years of living and learning in our oral culture. I lead these practices not as an expert but as a fellow student and lover of our culture. As I continue on my journey I seek new ways to transmit the knowledge I have gained. Your experiences become your wisdom, as have mine, and together we can deepen our understanding of our art forms.

My only expectation is your participation in practice.

I would be so honored for those of us with children and siblings to include them in the practice so that we can pass our commitment to culture and art down. I also release the information to you once you have learned it. My purpose in doing this is to arm and empower you with the cultural armor of knowledge. To be a griot is to pass on the stories of our ancestors through music and dance. To be an Afrofuturist is to understand the nature of change and how our culture has survived because of it and will continue to grow through it. To be in community is to intentionally come together to strengthen the bonds between us and form new supportive relationships. Go forth with what we explore together and create the new paths, blaze the new trails.

Our weekly practice structure:

3-3:30 circle check in and warm up

3:30-4:30 Traditional dance instruction/Drum practice 4:30-5 Drum and dance circle/cypher/solos


Don't forget to support Finding Your Divinity with your attendance. This dance class is led by DejaJoelle- Sundays at 3pm: Northside Healing Space.

Weekly Drum and Dance Practice - led by Kenna-Camara Cottman 3-5pm on Saturdays

Northside Healing Space

2100 Emerson Ave N

Black Space (BPOCI)

All ages welcome - no charge - bring water and snacks

Peace and Love, Kenna-Camara Cottman