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About us:

Voice of Culture is collective of Black artists dedicated to the study of African diasporic arts and culture.  In the Black American and West African oral traditions, all company members play instruments, sing and dance.  We strive to share the beauty and the cultural specificity of the traditional rhythms, movements, and songs of African Diasporic people.  Voice of Culture is committed to creating a safe Black space.  We do this first through self-education, as well as through presentations, workshops, and cultural exchange.  VoC was founded in 2008, and continues to grow and attract new members.  

Our practice:

Our practice starts with a circle. We use ASL ( American Sign Language) to go around the circle and check in with each other. We always warm up with a movement challenge to make our bodies strong. We don't just drum and dance randomly, we discuss the description of West African traditional dance.  We will demonstrate one of the many cultural dances we know, and then we commence to practicing it! We will learn the drum patterns that go with the traditional movements, and we have a chance to play real West African instruments.  Voice of Culture dance company members will show newcomers the movements and how to match them to the music.  Voice of Culture drummers will provide live accompaniment for our dancing and learn their own fun breakdowns and solos.  We always should be prepared to dance barefoot and get a good workout.

What we do:

Voice of Culture shares West African Drum and Dance with a Black American twist!  We open our shows with a drum call from the Djembe drum and we always introduce all the company members performing as well as the instruments too.  Our performances are interactive - which means that we will ask the audience to participate in various ways along with enjoying our artistry.  All performances, no matter how short, include drumming, dancing, singing, and storytelling.  We strive to educate as well as entertain, teaching audiences the names of instruments and more about how we practice our art.  We can create a performance of any length for almost any occasion, and we have flexible pricing.

Our philosophy about $$:

Voice of Culture generally does three types of work: paid professional 'gigs,' workshops/classes, and performances that really serve a community function.  Many of our community functions are able to offer an honorarium for our services that allow us to continue our work.  These funds go to maintain our instruments, secure our studio space, provide compensation, training and travel for company members, and transportation support.  We are so very open to creative ways of acknowledging our work as well, and appreciate all innovative thoughts on the matter.

Video Clips:

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